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A Naruto RPG held 5 years after Shippuden and some of the original characters are still alive...and some are back from the dead.
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 Canon Characters

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Kouu Uchiha
Special Jonin
Special Jonin

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PostSubject: Canon Characters   Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:37 pm

Deidara-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Hidan-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Hoshigaki Kisame-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Kakuzu-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Konan-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Pain-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Sasori-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Tobi-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Uchiha Itachi-S Rank Criminal [Available]
Zetsu-S Rank Criminal [Available]

Fire Country
Aburame Shino-Chuunin [Available]
Akimichi Chouji-Chuunin [Available]
Haruno Sakura-Chuunin [Available]
Hatake Kakashi-Jounin [Available]
Hyuuga Hinata-Chuunin [Available]
Hyuuga Neji-Jounin [Available]
Inuzuka Kiba-Chuunin [Available]
Maito • Gai-Jounin [Available]
Mitarashi Anko-Jounin [Available]
Nara Shikamaru-Chuunin [Available]
Rock • Lee-Chuunin [Available]
Sai-ANBU [Available]
Sarutobi Konohamaru-Chuunin [Available]
Shizune-Jounin [Available]
Tenten-Jounin [Available]
Tsunade-Sannin/Ex Hokage [Available]
Uchiha Sasuke-S Rank Missing Ninja [Available]
Umino Iruka-Jounin [Available]
Uzumaki Naruto-Chuunin [Available]
Yamanaka Ino-Chuunin [Available]

Water Country
Haku-ANBU [Available]
Momochi Zabuza-Jounin [Available]

Wind Country
Gaara-Ex Kazekage [Available]
Kankurou-Jounin [Available]
Temari-Jounin [Available]
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Canon Characters
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